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Leona Heidern (レオナ・ハイデルン)--ready upon your command.

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IT WAS A DIFFICULT DECISION TO MAKE, but it’s getting difficult to manage lotsa blogs at once, so I’ll be moving Leona dear to a multi-muse blog that’s still under heavy construction no seriously it’s been there for like six months and I’m still not done ugh ugh. Totally nudge me if you’d like me to follow you on there — don’t force yourselves at all, mkay! I hope you guys can understand! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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"Seems you’re preparing for a fight.."

Lips don’t emit a response. The former motion of hands arrives at a halt as optics shift to meet familiar ones.


Fingers comb through azure tresses, weaving locks into a higher hold. Her gaze, however, doesn’t falter.

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Gloved fists pound into the leather exterior of a bulky punching bag. 

There was absolutely no time for slacking off. Much needed to be completed.

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"…slacking off during my absence, weren’t you?" Gloved hands on hips, optics narrow dangerously upon frantic mouths. Nothing but excuses. Actions spoke louder than words, and so… …

"—four in the morning. Not a minute late. Seven lap warm-up. Do I make myself clear?” Oh, yes. Order would be brought back — she’d make sure of it.

"Windy night…" Surprising, really, that her breath was visible in air that’d once been the source of scorching heat.

Elbows leaned against the railings and hues lifted. The weather hadn’t been the main topic on her mind.

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The meal, and not the flora, fell under Theo’s responsibility. Contemplation saturated his gaze. Sender? Of course such a gift would strike the recipient’s curiosity, and so if his memory served him well…


"I believe it was a man wearing a red bandanna. Captain, I’m sorry to say I don’t always attend to the florist’s matters. No alias to present you. However… red is a striking color, so this information I’m sure of." Half of him held a notion to inquire who said man was, but common sense reminded him that this too was not his business. “… Ah, his expression was priceless, might I add. Cheeks dusted to rival the shade of his adornment.”

A response that certainly left room for silence, one of hesitance, a rare instance that befell the soldier. Lids descended to a close, the faintest of curls marring her rosy lips upon visualizing what the sight must have potentially looked like. Hah. That dummyHow sweet of him. Of course, voicing that gratitude was a notion kept tucked behind closed lips. She’d thank him later. She would.

"…I see. Thank you…" Azure brows lifted. "You’re more than welcome to join the training session — motivation is of need at the moment." A quick glance at the disappointing bunch before hues returned. "You look fit for the army."

(Source: the-silent-soldier)

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"Leona it's been awhile where've you been hiding?" Terry walks up to the soldier.

"Certainly has."


"I’ve just been caught up with recruit assembling. Nothing major. How’s it on your end?"

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